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Employee Service Awards

What is a career? Sometimes it can be an afterthought that slips precariously through the annals of the mind, never being considered as we move through each day. Every one of us has a multitude of external factors that draw our focus in the immediate present. All the while though, the days of service within an organization pile up and milestones build and build, metaphorically stretching upward like the structures spanning a metropolis skyline. 10, 20, 30 even 40 years can be a glimpse when looking back.

Pacific Truck has been forged on the efforts of each member of our team over the years, and it is a true privilege to take time to reflect and recognize those members who have been forging our collective success for decades. Friday, June 3rd marked our inaugural official Service Awards Ceremony. We chose the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, perched along the edge of Edmonton’s scenic river valley. The building stands apart from all others that have been more recently erected. Akin to the award recipients of the evening, the years of service are reflected in the Fairmont’s stoic and powerful presence. It stands as a formidable model for younger and future structures built along the river valley to look towards.

Throughout the evening, breathtaking views (the most breathtaking within a 150 mile radius anyway) from the riverfront patio were enjoyed by all. A four-course dinner in the private Wedgwood Room followed, with an awards ceremony and closing out the night. Since events are wonderful, but can be fleeting, each employee received a plaque as a lasting commemoration.

So, what is a career then? Is it the money earned? Or the accomplishments achieved? Or is it the memories shared with colleagues as you fight together along the path to success? This writer is partial to the latter. We can often forget that above anything else, a career is a journey to success.

Each of our Pacific Truck employees in attendance for this ceremony have become leaders while building their career with us. They have each been a stoic and powerful presence for our future leaders to model themselves after. Pacific Truck is grateful to have every single one of them, and will continue to demonstrate that gratitude.