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Transmissions and Rebuilt Transmissions in Edmonton

Transmissions, Rebuilt Transmissions and Repaired Transmissions in Edmonton Alberta from Pacific Truck

Transmissions are at the heart of any heavy duty commercial vehicle. A well-built transmission can be the difference between your heavy duty truck getting where it needs to go and being stuck on the side of the road accruing downtime. Any downtime means lost money, and that’s before you factor in the cost of new parts and service repairs.

Doesn’t it make sense to buy your transmissions for your heavy duty truck from the #1 Rebuilder in Canada? The transmission market is full of different builders and rebuilders and it can be hard to choose where to buy your rebuilt transmission. Pacific Truck has you covered. Whether you need a rebuilt transmission or a repaired transmission, Pacific Truck is where to buy your next transmission for your commercial vehicle. Pacific Truck is the company you can trust for all your heavy duty powertrain needs.


Let’s take a quick look at the difference between a standard rebuilt transmission and a Pacific Truck rebuilt transmission:

A Standard Rebuilt Transmission

A lot of rebuilt transmissions on the market are rebuilt with used components from an old junk vehicle. More often than not, the components and the core are not properly surface blasted and cleaned. These transmissions. For this reason, it`s hard to tell if the components have a high usage history or poor maintenance history which can lead to a much greater chance of failure. Many completed rebuilt transmissions can lack the proper testing and warranty coverage that would give a customer peace of mind. This introduces some red flags, and is why you should only choose to buy your rebuilt transmissions from a rebuilder you can trust.

A Pacific Truck Rebuilt Transmission

The true difference between one rebuilt transmission and another is who rebuilt it and what components were used. Pacific Truck rebuilds transmissions to meet or even exceed a brand-new OEM transmission. All core material is inspected, checked against OEM specifications for correct dimensional tolerances and precisely remanufactured to ensure proper operating pressures. Rebuilding involves reconditioning by cleaning, inspecting and replacing worn out parts. Testing of the transmission is performed to manufacturer measured specifications. At Pacific Truck, our Dyno machine is always running because we Dyno test every single transmission we build before it gets sold.


Pacific Truck offers two different rebuilt transmissions to meet and exceed your heavy duty needs. All our transmissions are built in our 80,000 square foot certified shop and warehouse, equipped with expert rebuild technicians. Due to our facilities and on-staff technicians, Pacific Truck can produce up to 600 rebuilt transmissions per month. We know that speed of delivery is important to our customers which means it’s important to us. That’s why Pacific Truck keeps a large inventory of rebuilt transmissions on our shelves for immediate availability. You can rest assured that when you need a transmission, Pacific Truck will get you one right away. Finally, you can buy from Pacific Truck with confidence because every rebuilt transmission that we sell first passes the toughest Dyno test in the local market.


The Pacific Branded Rebuilt Transmission

  • Ideal for Gravel, Energy, Mining, Logging and Nationwide Hauling
  • Made with 100% North American Content
  • Dyno Tested
  • Exceeds Manufacturer Rebuild Specifications
  • Immediate Availability
  • 30 Month Unlimited km Canadian Warranty







The Eaton Rebuilt Transmission

  • Ideal for Any Job and Conditions
  • 100% Genuine Eaton Content
  • Renowned Eaton Quality
  • Dyno Tested
  • Made to Exact Manufacturer Rebuild Specs
  • Immediate Availability
  • Roadranger Support & Real-Time Coverage
  • 2 Year Unlimited km North American Warranty (3-Year with PS-386 lubricant)










Pacific Truck: Even More Than You Thought

In addition to being the leaders in aftermarket powertrain; Pacific Truck also has a wide range of fleet products from industry-leading manufacturers such as Bendix, Firestone, Jost, Marathon, Stemco, SKF, KIC Accuride, Premier, ConMet, Uni-Bond, and many more.

Pacific Truck is your home for heavy duty brake drums and hub assemblies to starters and alternators, and everything in between. Our inventory in all encompassing and totally uncompromising so our customers know that whatever specific part they’re looking for, they’ll be able to find it at Pacific Truck.

We ensure that no matter what our customers need, we can supply it. Our shelves are always stocked with vendor products that meet or exceed OEM spec.

Call 1-800-263-7619 today to get the best solution for your heavy duty truck part needs.